About Visionary Design Concepts, LLC

Visionary Design Concepts, LLC has been a vision for most of my professional career. After gaining over 10 years of professional experience the vision became a reality in 2011. This company has been founded on experience, passion, positivity, and drive. The name and identity of VDC developed from a play between the iris of your eye and the iris flower. Not everyone has to draw this conclusion without a description - it means something to us.

Visionary Design Concepts is a full service professional creative design agency. We provide marketing services across both print and web design channels. That gives us the ability to satisfy all your advertising needs in one place and love every minute of our workday! We consider ourselves visual communication specialists because let's face it advertising and marketing draw the audience in visually. Our focus is on creating authentic communication for your target audience. We achieve this goal by researching your needs, design trends, and technology. Having hands-on experience, managing complex projects, directing photo shoots, navigating Internet design, and facilitating the print production process helps us to effectively achieve your goals.

Meet the Owner

Professionally: VDC's owner is Kelley Patrick who has a B.A. in Advertising and a B.A. in Graphic Design. This gives her the knowledge to understand how businesses function and how to create vital marketing campaigns. Her design abilities are broad including graphic design, web design, and email marketing. She has diverse work experience ranging from small business advertising to marketing for Fortune 500 companies. She has a passion for all things creative and thrives on developing real world solutions for businesses.

Personally: If she is not creating art or jewelry, you will most likely find her outside— many times exploring nature through a camera lens, but also hiking, kayaking, gardening, hunting, fishing.... the reasons are endless! Her other passion is travel. It is the perfect way to find adventure and explore different cultures. She has found no matter how different we all are, our hearts remain very similar. We all wish to see our family and friends shine while we can witness their life gifts. She believes listening and designing are some of her gifts to share with you.

Meet Our Team Members

Visionary Design Concepts, LLC believes that to execute the highest standard of solutions, collaboration is sometimes needed. When specialty professionals are necessary, we team with copywriters, editors, photographers, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, and web developers who are experts in their fields. VDC coordinates these efforts and will remain your contact and lead project manager. You will really only see the outstanding results and not the actual collaboration trail.

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