Graphic Design Portfolio

Our graphic design portfolio exhibits exceptional design solutions for the benefit of your company‘s long-term branding and profitability.

HP Rotate 1
catalog cover design

Purpose: Branding for athletic catalog featuring professional athlete Percy Harvin of the Minnesota Vikings
Target Audience: Football athletes, ages 12-24
Client: Eastbay, Inc. - Football Category
Published June 2010 © Eastbay, Inc.

HP Rotate 2
Brochure Design

Purpose: Brochure, logo and business card design
Target Audience: Landowners and hunters, ages 18-65
Client: Wisconsin Landcrafters

HP Rotate 3
Logo Design

Professional logos unique to each company
Clients: Shay Creek Sports, Eastbay, Inc., Epic Charters,
Wild Bill's Express, Inc., Pat Seidel Consulting,
Sound Forest Management, and Mile High Attitude

HP Rotate 3
Invite Design

Purpose: Couple wanted custom-designed Thank You notes, Shower and Wedding Invitations with an elegant theme
Target Audience: Friends and family of the couple
Client: Wedding Couple

HP Rotate 1
Brochure Design

Purpose: To promote new company launch, branding and services.
Target Audience: Homeowners and commercial building owners in WI
Client: Colors in Concrete

HP Rotate 2
Flyer Design

Purpose: Part of the campaign to announce text advertising service and attract customer sign-up
text advertising and attract customer sign-up.
Target Audience: Mobile phone users, age 18-45

HP Rotate 3
Tradeshow Banners

Purpose: Brand Identity, Education, and call-out to hire WCF members
Target Audience: WI landowners interested in Forest Management and other Foresters
Client: Wisconsin Consulting Foresters

HP Rotate 3
Book Design

Purpose: Educational book about Nazi Germany in De Style Artistic Period
Target Audience: All ages
Client: Self