Mobile App Development

Today customers what everything at their fingertips and as fast as possible. Mobile Apps work faster than your website, have better usability on mobile and the ability of features to work offline. So it is no wonder that as Mobile use increases so do App usage. The number of Americans who now own smart phones is 77% of the population while 51% own a tablet. Reports say 91% of smartphone users are using Apps to stay up to date on news, sales and entertainment.

Many companies are developing Apps to deliver information like blogs, news, events, sales and product updates to their customers. These Apps can send push notifications to the user without them needing to open the Apps. Currently, we are developing Apps for Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft. 98% of the mobile market is covered by these three brands.

We can create Apps for internal company use also. Some examples include advanced data entry, reporting system, barcode inventory management, remote sales sheet access and field reporting Apps.

Apple iOS Applications

Apple iOS Applications can be installed on almost any compatible Apple Device. iOS holds 53.6% of the market share. These include:

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Pro
  • Apple TV
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Computers

Android Applications

Android a Google based operating system is used an a great number of different brands and devices. Android holds 45.94% of the 2018 market share. Some of the most popular devices are:

  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Google Pixel
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • OnePlus
  • Google Pixel
  • Essential Phone
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Amazon Fire
  • Asus ZenPad
  • Lenovo Tab

Microsoft Applications

Even though Microsoft cellphones are essentially dead, Microsoft is making a push towards mobile based PC systems. Windows 8.1 and newer are app based operating systems. This means that we can create apps that can easily install on your Windows PC.