Web Development Case Studies

Web Design and Marketing that Ignites Growth

Client: Mobile Hunting Maps 

Marketing Strategies Implemented: Website Design, SEO, and Paid Search

  • Sales increased 25% each year since Google Online Ad Campaign
  • Website Redesign
  • ○ After the website redesign, map sales have increased by 40% YoY. This increase is contributed to technical, content, and design updates, as well as other digital marketing initiatives.
    ○ Bounce rate decreased from 70% to 43%.
    ○ Average page view depth increased from 2 to 4, showing more interaction from visitors.
    ○ Introduced new younger age demographics in client base. Before the majority of clients were over 50 years in age. This was a concern for the future of the business.

  • Organic Search○ New user engagement increased by 4,537% over the last 5 months.
  • ○ Overall organic search sessions increased by 5,437% over the last 5 months

  • Paid Search○ Redistributed Majority Advertising Budget from Print to Online
  • ○ Online allowed for direct sales to customers 
    ○ Reduce advertising acquisition rate substantially 
    ○ Results of traffic from Aug 1, 2020 – Oct 28th, 2020; Max Budget $15 per day.
    ○ PPC conversion rate of 6% 

Testimonial: “The SEO completed as part of my website design has been the biggest advance for my business. Competitors had to take out google online ads to compete with our organic search. I also have really appreciated the analytic reporting to better understand my customers and cost of acquisition. It has allowed my business to grow safely.”-Ann Jandernoa

Client: WI Landcrafters, LLC

Marketing Strategies Implemented: Website Design and SEO

  • Organic Search
  • ○ New user engagement increased by 59% over the last 5 months. 
    ○ Overall organic search sessions increased by 61% over the last 5 months.○ Ranks #1 on Google search for keyword “custom deer stands”