We know what it feels like when you struggle to meet your sales goals.

If you’re like our clients, you’ve wondered why your sales team struggles to meet their goals or why your marketing brings in unqualified leads? You’ve likely wondered if there was a better Marketing Plan to bring in more qualified leads so your sales team could close more deals.

We know you want to become a company that exceeds their sales goals each year, and it’s just plain wrong that traditional marketing is no longer successful.

At Visionary Design Concepts, we get it. Managing sales and marketing is hard.

Managing teams with different personalities and communication styles is even more difficult. For the past 13 years, we’ve helped many teams just like yours connect their messaging and marketing strategy to experience alignment and growth.

Kelley Patrick owner of Visionary Design Concepts founded the company in 2011. With a B.A. in Advertising and Graphic Design, Visionary Design Concepts has been a vision for most of her professional career. This company has been founded on experience and drive. We have diverse work experience ranging from small business advertising to marketing for Fortune 500 companies. Finding the StoryBrand community and being a StoryBrand Certified Guide has been a natural evolution to leverage our experience with a marketing formula that works. We have left behind traditional marketing because customers no longer pay attention to it. Instead we invite customers into a story that replaces confusion with clarity. Clarity will grow your business. Clarity provides vision and hope which represented by the iris in our logo and in our Marketing Plans.

We are committed to helping you helping you hit your sales goals so you can stop struggling.
The process is simple — Three Steps to a Unified Team (And More Sales)
Step 1: Book Free Strategy Session
Step 2: Attend Our Workshops
Step 3: Watch Sales Grow

Once you Book A Strategy Session, you’ll have taken the first step to a unified strategy and more sales.

We believe your team deserves a marketing plan and sales strategy that closes more deals. We help you align your communication and strategy so that you can hit your sales goal.

Book Your Free Strategy Session so we can get started.

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Kelley Patrick – StoryBrand Certified Guide
Donald Miller – CEO of StoryBrand & Business Made Simple

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kelley patrick next to storybrand guide certification