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Brand messaging, copywriting and marketing plans to help natural resource businesses keep growing


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√ Streamline Your Strategy

√ Increase Customer Engagement

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Close More Sales with a Unified Marketing and Strategy

Virtual Strategy Sessions
Best for small brands

We’ll meet via Zoom for 2 – 2.5 hours to discuss your brand, services and audience. Your messaging is clear by the end of the call.

Onsite Strategy Sessions
Best for leadership teams and brands over $2m

In one day, I’ll help your team nail the right messaging for your specific audience, plus a clear strategy of how to implement it.


Reach your growth potential with a partner who understands your industry

Many natural resource businesses struggle to find partners that really understand your industry’s unique challenges. That’s why we are committed to clarifying your path to growth, creating compelling content that attracts your ideal clients.

Imagine a future where your services are in demand and your growth is sustainable. You are successfully promoting things that matter to your audience. Like how you sustainably manage your natural resources. Or how your brand promotes a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle. This is the vision of success we can help you realize.

For over 13 years, we’ve guided 100s of natural resource businesses to achieve their growth potential, and we’re ready to do the same for you. From the right story to impactful email campaigns, we’ll help you finally achieve the growth you’re capable of.

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Natural Resource Industries We Help Grow

○ Manufacturing of wood, steel, glass, paper & renewable energy
○ Timber Industry: Forestry, logging, arborists
○ Agriculture & Agritourism: Orchards, farming, ranching, maple syrup, CSA’s
○ Outdoor Recreation: Hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, dog training
○ National Forest and Public Forests
○ Public Outdoor Recreation & Tourism
○ Wildlife Habitat Organizations
○ Natural Resources Protection
○ Renewable Energy Sources: Solar, wind, water and minerals

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Are you a small business outside of natural resources looking for clear messaging to help you grow?

Small Business Marketing Services

Compelling Marketing Packages To Stand Out

A Powerful Sales Funnel: Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Implement a clear process to move customers faster through your sales process
✔ Sales funnels include: elevator pitch, website, lead generator, nurture email campaign, sales email campaign
✔ Build trust and shorten your sales cycle
✔ Get a clear plan to implement your sales funnel

After you have clarified your message, you need to attract qualified leads to it. A sales funnel is designed to build trust with new customers naturally over time. This trust is vital for leads to commit to buying. We’ll help you integrate a clear funnel into your marketing so that selling is faster and easier with more qualified leads.

$ Prices vary depending on your needs

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Marketing Roadmap

✔ Clarify your offers
✔ Know your customers
✔ Communicate the problem you solve for customers
✔ Receive clear, actionable marketing steps to move forward with confidence

Most marketing feels random and ineffective. We can help you craft a simple and effective plan that will work.


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Email Strategy Session & Plan

✔ Brand Messaging Guide to clarify your message
✔ Virtual or in-person strategy session
✔ 12-month email marketing plan with clear actionable steps to execute with confidence
✔ 6-month check-in to assess progress

Email marketing is your largest return on investment. We will craft a simple, effective email campaign you can implement to grow your sales.


Book Free Strategy Session

Three Steps to a Unified Plan (And More Sales)

Step 1: Book A Free Strategy Session

We’ll discuss your team’s unique challenges and give actions you can already start implementing.

Step 2: Create

Your sales and marketing teams will leave with a unified message and clear plan to boost sales.

Step 3: Grow

Be amazed at how quickly your marketing and sales teams exceed their goals.

4 Steps to Build Trust & Boost Growth


Most business owners spend large sums of money on marketing collateral that doesn’t work. You throw money away month after month, and it’s infuriating. You may have a beautiful website or well-funded ad campaign, yet it isn’t translating into increased revenue.

Solving this problem isn’t difficult. What you need is an effective sales funnel. Sales funnels slowly and naturally build trust with new customers. Typically customers do not purchase after their first interaction. Only once trust is built will customers start buying your products or services.

Do your sales funnels feel complicated and ineffective? Sign up for the Sales Funnel Checklist and take the guesswork out of creating a simple sales funnel that will grow your bottom line.