Create A Clear Message And Ignite Growth

Client: Scout-N-Hunt

Company Profile: Online subscription map company

Our Support: Marketing, Brand Messaging, Website Design, and Email Marketing

From: Fear of having their worst year yet due to declining subscriptions

To: The joy of having their most profitable year ever

Impact at a glance:
○ Grew by 40% each year since working with Visionary Design Concepts
○ Created a new marketing plan to solve the problem of declining subscription renewals
○ Removed insider language and clarified their message
○ Created a nurture email campaign to target non-customers
○ Promoted Scout-N-Hunt’s first-ever podcast, which continues to grow
○ Experienced their most profitable yet

Scout-N-Hunt is an online subscription map company. Since working with Visionary Design Concepts, they have grown by 40 percent each year but then they hit a road block last year. Their spring Automatic Subscription renewals were quite low due to expired created cards. Scout-N-Hunt feared it would be their worst year in business and that they would lose many customers.

Visionary Design Concepts was tasked with getting these customers to renew. A new marketing plan was developed. They identified that their messaging was using too much insider language that they didn’t understand. They clarified our messaging for that younger audience then marketed to them through their website, google ads, social media and email marketing.

Scout-N-Hunt had built up a substantial email customer list but was no longer targeting non-customers. Visionary Design Concepts created a nurture email campaign to engage unengaged customers and further grow their email list. Finally, Visionary Design Concept leveraged all Scout-N-Hunt’s marketing channels to promote their Podcast. The Podcast listeners continue to grow. The results, Scout-N-Hunt ended their year with their most profitable year ever.

owner scout n hunt

“This was our most profitable year yet!”

“The Marketing Plan created to leverage my podcast and email marketing has given me my most profitable year ever. What a relief since, I was fearing an unprofitable year.”
-Ann Jandernoa, Owner Scout-n-Hunt

Client: National Golf Graphics

Brand Messaging Guide, Website Development, Email Marketing + Copywriting

Company Profile: International Golf Products supplier for courses

Our Support: Marketing, Brand Messaging, Website Design, and Email Marketing

From: Frustrated with an ineffective website

To: Grateful to have a strong website bringing in new customers

Impact at a glance:
○ Identified their ideal client to create new brand messaging
○ Wrote a new website to replace outdated copy
○ Positioned National Golf Graphics as the Guide, not the Hero
○ Organic website visits increased by 200%
○ Engagement length is up by 644%

The National Golf Graphics’ website had become outdated and no longer showcased the high-end quality of their products. Peter was also frustrated working with oversea copywriters and looking for a new marketing partner. When Visionary Design Concepts was hired for overall marketing strategy, our first step was to create a BrandScript to identify their ideal client. This guided our brand messaging, website development and copywriting. We made their customers the hero and National Golf Graphics the guide. Working with National Golf Graphics, golf courses can reflect professionalism and be the course every golfer remembers. Organic website visits are up 200% and engagement session length is up 644%. The National Golf Graphics’ website now proudly reflects the top tier products they sell. Peter is thankful to have an email marketing partner in the US.

Client: Pleasant Pond Orchard

Company Profile: Fruit orchard and farm store in Richmond, Maine

Our Support: Brand Messaging Guide, Website Development + Copywriting

From: Stressed about losing their main source of income

To: Excited to have a new line of products that overcompensated for lost revenue

Impact at a glance:
○ Pivoted to expand bakery goods after frost killed their fruit trees
○ Identified target customer and how they differed from typical bakeries
○ Created clear, succinct messaging they could easily use to sell their baked goods
○ Launched a new website with new messaging
○ Baked goods are now their largest profit margin

2023 started as an overwhelming battle for Pleasant Pond Orchard. In Spring, a frost killed most of the blossoms on the fruit trees and blueberry bushes before they could even develop. With little hope of selling fruit in the fall, they needed to pivot to make their yearly income. They looked to their bakery to expand products and profit margins. Specializing in from-scratch baked goods, we identified their ideal target customer and how to differentiate them from typical bakeries. Then delivered their brand messaging guide in a BrandScript and One-liner. The owners immediately felt relieved with new talking points to sell their bakery products at the farmer’s market and farm store.

Pleasant Pond Orchard continues to increase their bakery sales product line as it is their largest profit margin even in a successful growing year. We are now their strategic marketing partner. We just launched a new website with StoryBrand copywriting. They are excited that their new website is now a 24/7 sales tool. Next steps to growth include Agritourism opportunities and email marketing strategies.

owner pleasant pond orchard

“We could not have gotten our messaging correct on our own!”

“Other brands seem to spend an inordinate amount of time on social media feeds, depicting how much fun they’re having. Visionary Design Concepts and the StoryBrand framework helped us get to the heart of what sets us apart. It isn’t our superior Insta’ it’s our product. Visionary Design Concepts was patient while explaining and guiding us on the new to us style of messaging. Once we realized that we were identifying a problem and offering a solution, the rest of VDC’s process was easy to follow. We could not have gotten our messaging correct on our own!”

-Jessica Roberts, Owner

Client: Sound Forest Management

Company Profile: Forester in Wisconsin

Our Support: Marketing, Brand Messaging, Copywriting & Website Design

From: Burnt out from long phone calls with potential clients that didn’t lead anywhere

To: Relief saving hours of time each week with a website that handles the intakes for him

Impact at a glance:
○ Needed a new website to filter out non-ideal customers and eliminate the need for long, complex phone calls with potential clients
○ Identified ideal customers
○ Clarified messaging to attract ideal customers easily on their website
○ Made it easy for potential clients to use an online intake form versus a long phone call, saving hours of time

As a Forester, Peter helps landowners protect their land and vision with sustainable forest management so they can avoid damage and enjoy their land for generations to come. The problem he faced was tiring, lengthy phone calls when interviewing new clients to see if they were a fit to take on as clients. He needed his website to become a better tool to attract his ideal clients and answer more service questions. 

Visionary Design Concepts clarified their messaging to attract their ideal customers on their website. We better described their value, added former client testimonials and created a three step plan for customers to request services. On the request services page, we identified their service area and added an online intake form. This form allows Sound Forest Management to quickly identify if they are an ideal customer or not without taking lengthy phone calls. This has given them more hours in the day to provide service to more clients.

owner sound forest mangement

“My website is the perfect marketing tool!”

“VDC quickly identified how to speak to my customers. My website wasn’t highlighting the biggest reason my customers want to hire me. This has saved my business closing time with new customers. They were educated before my first Discovery call. My business continues to grow & my website is the perfect marketing tool.”

-Peter, Owner Sound Forest Management

Client: H and Co Hair Studio

Company Profile: Hair studio in Weston, Wisconsin

Our Support: Website Development + Copywriting

From: Pressured to find new clients

To: Relieved to have a website that helps their business grow

Impact at a glance:
○ Needed a compelling website to bring in more new clients
○ Created a new, impactful website that can grow as their business grows

Owner Hanna St Clair started a new salon and felt pressure to bring in new clients. She needed a professional website to attract her ideal customers. H and Co. Hair Studio had a small budget so they wanted a website that was built to grow along with their business. And like many new business owners she had limited time so she needed an experienced marketer who would be patient with asset delivery.

Visionary Design Concepts created a professional website with clear messaging to get their ideal customers to request appointments. Our process is simple and flexible to accommodate busy business owners. This website was built to grow as their business grows and new stylists are hired.

owner hanna

“Thank you for your patience”

“Thank you for your patience in the web design process. Our website is beautiful, professional and easy to read.”

-Hanna St Clair, Owner

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