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Client: Scout-N-Hunt

Our Support: Marketing, Website Design, Email Marketing, SEO, and Paid Search for this online company serving all of the US & Canada

Problems Solved:
1. Clear messaging for customers to identify what problem their product solves. Unifying this messaging across channels.
2. Expired credit cards caused Automatic Subscription renewals to be quite low. We created a nurture email campaign to target these customers. The results have increased sales over our goal.
3. Reduced customer acquisition cost.
4. Attracted younger customers securing the future of the business. Before the majority of clients were over 50 years in age.

“The Marketing Plan created to leverage my podcast and email marketing has given me my most profitable year ever. What a relief since, I was fearing an unprofitable year.”-Ann Jandernoa, Owner

  • The Results:

  • Sales increased 40% for 4 years in a row
  • Google Online Ad Campaign Sales increased 25% each year
  • Reduced customer acquisition cost substantially
  • Website Redesign increased organic search & page depth

“The SEO completed as part of my website design has been the biggest advance for my business. Competitors had to take out google online ads to compete with our organic search. I also have really appreciated the analytic reporting to better understand my customers and cost of acquisition. It has allowed my business to grow safely.”-Ann Jandernoa, Owner

Client: Fujiyama Wealth Management

Our Support: Marketing, Website Design and SEO for the Brooklyn, NY and Atlanta, GA based company.

  • Problems Solved:
    1. Clear messaging for customers to identify what problem their product solves on their website.
    2. Simplified content to avoid confusion.

      The Results:

    • Organic Search

○ New user engagement increased by 129% over the previous year
○ Overall organic search sessions increased by 74% over the previous year

    • Website Redesign

○ Overall user visits increased by 146%
○ Reduced Load time by -66.55%
○ Bounce Rate decreased by -2.69%
○ Page depth behavior flow increased by 500%
○ Average Session Duration increased by 83%

Client: H and Co Hair Studio

Our Support: Website Design for Wisconsin Company

Problems Solved:
1. Clear messaging for customers to identify what problem their Services solve
2. Positioning them as Guides and their clients as Heros.
3. Giving them a website that unifies their brand identity

“Thank you for your patience in the web design process. Our website is beautiful, professional and easy to read.”
-Owner Hanna St Clair

Client: Sound Forest Management

Our Support: Marketing, Website Design and Graphic Design for the Wisconsin based company

Problems solved:
1. Marketing messaging.
2. Clearly identify ideal clients.
3. Reduce the amount of Discovery Calls and the Length of discovery calls

“VDC quickly identified how to speak to my customers. My website wasn’t highlighting the biggest reason my customers want to hire me. This has saved my business closing time with new customers. They are educated before my first Discovery call. My business continues to grow & my website is the perfect marketing tool.”-Peter, Owner Sound Forest Management

7 Tips to Drive Revenue through Your Website Checklist

Are you communicating clearly to your customers? Do they understand what you sell?

A well-designed website communicates effectively with your customers. It builds brand awareness and trust. Finally, the best ones guide customers on their path to purchase. Like many of our clients, you may have struggled to drive sales through your website. Use this checklist to set your website up to drive revenue.