Marketing & Sales Alignment Workshops

✔ Simplify your message

✔ Align your teams

✔ Shorten Sales Cycles

✔ Make more money

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Quickly Align Your Team’s Strategy to Hit Your Sales Goals

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Sales & Marketing CONFUSE LEADS by talking about the same products in different ways
Are you perplexed why your sales team can’t meet sales goals?
Is your team frustrated with the quality of leads they receive?
Do you have new team members unsure on how to ask for the sale?


We get it: Managing teams is hard. Aligning sales & marketing can be even harder.

Managing different personalities and communications styles is difficult. We understand you need the tools to unite your team. Our plans and workshops help businesses like yours unify their marketing messaging and sales strategy. We get everyone on the same page so they can focus on growing sales and making more money. Get the tools to make selling faster and easier.

✔ Cut the costly confusion between teams
✔ Help marketing attract the right leads so selling to them is easier
✔ Have a clear and unified message across teams

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Our team alignment workshops quickly get everyone on the same page so selling is faster and easier

Close More Sales Workshop

After this workshop, your team will have…
✔ Five talking points for more confident and effective sales conversations
✔ A script with the exact words to help you close more deals
✔ A sales framework that doesn’t feel like “selling” at all
✔ A simple marketing strategy to convert more leads into customers

Get the right words so team members know what to say & how to sell effectively.

Most people hate being sold to, and most people hate to sell. We don’t want to come off as “pushy” or “salesy.” But to keep our businesses running, we have to sell products and services. The Close More Sales Workshop will teach your team a sales framework to hit their sales goals AND help them approach sales conversations with confidence. The key? Stop thinking about selling products and start inviting customers into a story instead.

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They will easily start selling more!

“Every sales team and business owner should hear this workshop. As a sales person I have spent my career building this knowledge and you are spot on. If the new sales people in this room take this advice, they will easily start selling more.”
-Terry, Salesman

Clarify Your Pitch Workshop

After this workshop, your team will have…
✔ An elevator pitch but better
✔ A review of your current marketing strategy
✔ A foundation for all your marketing messaging
✔ A framework to talk about your offer so more people buy
✔ A simple marketing strategy to convert more leads into customers

Attract qualified marketing leads with a clear, compelling company message that drives more sales.

When you replace confusion with clarity, sales grow. Confusing marketing and sales messages leave customers unsure of what you sell. They quickly disengage from your marketing and look to other brands to solve their problems. In this Clarify Your Pitch Workshop, we will teach you the Framework to invite customers into a story. Your brand will become memorable and compelling. With clear messaging in place, we will give you a simple strategy to take it to the world.

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Three Steps to a Unified Plan (And More Sales)

Step 1: Book A Free Strategy Session

We’ll discuss your team’s unique challenges and give actions you can already start implementing.

Step 2: Attend A Workshop

Your sales and marketing teams will leave with a unified message and clear plan to boost sales.

Step 3: Watch Sales Grow

Be amazed at how quickly your marketing and sales teams exceed their goals.

Inspiring Keynotes to transform your marketing and sales

kelley patrick

By speaking at your event, Kelley Patrick will share her wealth of communication knowledge and expertise with your audience. Your audience will leave inspired and motivated with fresh strategies they can put into practice right away. Request Kelley Patrick at your next event and learn how she can help business owners grow their businesses!

Keynote: The Power of Story, Building a StoryBrand

People are bombarded with 5,000+ messages every day. Most are simply ignored. Discover 7 Hollywood storytelling secrets to help break through the noise and get better results with your marketing

✔ Communicate effectively
✔ Tips to craft a clear message so more people take action
✔ Get your team on the same page about your organization’s message


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Keynote + Workshop: Clarify Your Pitch Workshop

Confusing marketing messages leave customers unsure of what you sell. If your brand isn’t clear, you are losing customers and referrals. Are you ready to build a clear brand and create more sales? This workshop can help put your brand on the map.

✔ An elevator pitch but better
✔ Tips to craft a clear message so more people take action
✔ Get your team on the same page about your organization’s message

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Plan Your Event

1. Request Keynote Speaking

Simply reach out to us and request Kelley to speak at your event.

2. Pick A Keynote

After that, we’ll work with you to plan and execute an inspiring event.

3. Motivate your audience

Finally, just sit back as Kelley inspires your audience with fresh insights and innovative ideas.