Email List Building & Campaign Tips

April 3, 2024

Steps to Build Your Email Subscriber List

Client: Apple Orchard

Create Lead Generating PDF to Build Your Email Subscriber List:
Ex: 3 Simple Ways to Store Apples so Stay Fresh Longer

Email Campaign Steps 
-Create a landing page on the website or use your email service provider form/popup options so people can sign up for your PDF

-After potential clients enter their email address, they receive a thank you for requesting this free resource message.

-Then email them your free resource so they can download and read it right away.

-The next day, send a follow up email reminding them to read the PDF (if they haven’t already). Restate the problem you are addressing with this free resource.

-Next you can send them a series of sales emails.
If they click through and buy something, their email address will move to your general newsletter list
If they don’t buy a piece, after your sales email campaign move them to your general nurture email campaign.


Additional PDF Funnels – Think of other topics your customers find value. Create an additional PDF on that topic. Having multiple funnels is a good thing. It allows you to engage more customers. Depending on the topic, you can link these PDFs In the middle of blog posts and other content.

Video Funnel – (EXAMPLE) Is there something that you could create a short video series on that could be delivered over a series of days via email? Tips to get kids to eat healthy fruits?